I consider myself a painter with a photographer's point of view. I am extremely excited whenever I go out to the street with my camera and sketchbooks to do reportage and visual journalism paintings. Ben Shahn's distinctive documentary approach to the lives of ordinary people motivated me to do a series of paintings about different cities. In the New York Series, I tried to capture the unique energy of the city through real situations rather than glamorous ones.

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New York Chinatown 1

New York Fleamarket 3

New York City 1

New York City 5

New York City 9

New York Chinatown 2

New York Fleamarket 4

New York City 2

New York City 6

New York Fleamarket 1

New York Fleamarket 5

New York City 3

New York City 7

New York Fleamarket 2

New York Fleamarket 6

New York City 4

New York City 8

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